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Applications of threadsealing, anaerobic resins, adhesives and glues in general need of machinery always more correct, more durable with little maintenance, and less expensive.
With this preliminary remarks, we have studied and realized new dosage systems.
The glue is put on little measure or big quantity without any contact with hands of operator and with greatest precision.
Blowcases are pressurized in a metal air receiver and a special device allow to regulate the flow constantly on start signal, with a pedal or an end of stroke.



The dosing system can work with impulses or continuous. To obtain the wishes dosing you must work on the flow regulator or on the “Timer adj” depending on the viscosity of the fluid.
Materials used assure any hardening also after a long period of work stoppage.



All the AN-2000 series is been studiated from us for realized a products with small dimensions and less expensive to warrant an increase of the production and a reduction of unsold stock optimizing used glues with a dosing careful.



 AN-2000.00  Gearcase without air reciver.
 AN-2000.01  Gearcase to check proportions of ingredients with cartridge system (gun or syringe)
 AN-2000.02  Gearcase with air reciver
 AN-2000.03  Gearcase for manual proportions of ingredients.
 AN-2000.04  Gearcase with capacity sensor.
 AN-2000.05  Gearcase with advancement for automation proportions of ingredients.


  • 220 V net input.
  • 3,5 – 7 bar air input
  • Work with impulses or continuous
  • Scale di commutation (0-0,5 / 0-1 / 0-5 / 0-10) on (sec / min / hrs / 10h)
  • Micrometric regulation


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