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  • Use of “intelligent connection box” with M8x1 quick connections.
  • Easy and flexible installation.
  • Fine solution for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits harness.
  • New, easy and friendly programming system.
  • 16 pitch working cycle programming with 8 control signal, 8 exit signal, and/or working and waiting time management.
  • Connecting possibility extensible to IS.2000 additional unit.
  • Working cycle execution without PLC connecting.

The concept comes from our different way of understanding automation. The new patented (Patent n°TO99A000925) IS.2000 system is an Italian product realized by our team in our research and development departments in Turin.
Each product enables the whole management of a working unit up to maximum of 8 external device. It is always possible to have a multi-module cascade connection in order to get a larger number of programming pitches or operating solenoid valves.


It is possible through our programming software, easily comprehensible, supported by Cd Rom or, on demand on 3,5” floppy-disk, to realize the processing procedure by any Pc through a serial port.
Our product use a graphic programming. It is available for following platform: Windows 3…, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT.
Each IS.2000 can drive up to 8 exits (e.g. no.8 solenoid valves) with 16 working independent pitches. Functions are checked by a maximum of 8 acces signal (e.g. and of stroke, NPN PNP sensor, magnetic relè reed, push bottons etc.)
User has only to connect, through a multipolar connector, power (24V.cc.) with signals necessary to its applications, choosing among start, stop, reset, single/automatic cycle and emergency.
2 waiting times (0-25 sec. With 0,1 sec. resolution) can be set for each single pitch in order to timing different operating steps.
As soon as programming is over, its processing takes only some minutes, you can check the process step by step through a calculator simulation.
By connecting IS.2000 with PC through serial port, it is possible to read/or write the program inside.
The “intelligent connection box” programmed according to this system, is ready to work. It can be installed on the equipment and operate quickly, exactly and reliably.
When a PC is used, you can quickly change locally programs whitout removing unit.
You can reprogrammed IS.2000 to infinity.
When operating, all functions (IN, OUT, POWER and executing program pitch) appear optically on led and display.
Programmed cycle is saved in a FLS format file. Machine configuration can be saved in FLC format file.


Download the catalog in PDF format



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