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The main function of sandwich pressure regulator is that of easing and simplifying the operation of these systems, thus avoiding complex wiring and expensive intallation costs.

The regulator installed between the sub-base and the valve makes it possible to adjust the pressure in four different configurations with various ISO 5599/1 sizes: 1, 2 and 3.

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 Fluid  Filtered compressed air lubricated or not
 Fixing  For sub-base ISO 5599/1
 Equipment  Screws and ISO seals
 Assembling position  Any position
 Inlet pressure  Max 10 bar (144 Psi) (1 MPa)
 Temperature range  -10 ° +50 °C
 Nominal flow rate  Tg.1: 600 Nl/min - Tg.2: 1400 Nl/min - Tg.3: 1900 Nl/min
 Materials  Aluminium, brass, stainless steel, steel, NBR, POM
 Regulator  With rolling diaphram, high set pressure and capacity.Downstream overpressures quickly eliminated
 Knob  Lockable safety knob


  Pressure range Tg. 1 Tg. 2 Tg. 3
Adjust on input 1 0 ÷ 8 ST.R10B1 ST.R10B2 ST.R10B3
Adjust on output 2 0 ÷ 8 ST.R20B1 ST.R20B2 ST.R20B3
Adjust on output 4 0 ÷ 8 ST.R40B1 ST.R40B2 ST.R40B3
Adjust on output 2 and 4 0 ÷ 8 ST.R24B1 ST.R24B2 ST.R24B3


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